The every second of your life is a lesson. The every moment we make and we live ends up with a lesson. A lesson to change oneself, a lesson to change our environment, a lesson to change the surrounding. The life can not be on a liner platform it goes in a roller-coaster. Talking about me my life is drowning down  but i have the courage with a focus and a goal to take my life on a jump though I need time. The lesson for me is to depend on myself and the turning second for me was some seconds of this year where i learned not to depend, not to make others happy, not to make own-self sad, to keep forward my own view point. We go through a lot, we keep patience and we go with a flow but doing so we loose our own path, we loose our own focus and goal. But then there is time, there is a moment or a person who makes u realize where you are going wrong, where u are getting mislead and then you yourself find the answer of every question and get back to track. The only moto of oneself to be always on track is to focus on oneself, is to know what particularly you want.

So let the life go on a roller-coaster but always with a fix goal and with focused you. Learn to take a stand, learn to oppose what u dislike. First answer yourself what you want from yourself and then what u want in life. Take some adventurous turn but with a predetermined goal, and you will come across a new stuff, a new moment, a new life, a new you but with the constant inner.

Take the stones people throw at you. And use them to build a monument. (Ratan Tata)

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An Escape to Eternal Wonderland

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