Like it or Hate it , there is believed to be a time coming in the coming years where has been predicted that no teachers would exist( At least Physically) in the classroom, it’s all going to be taken over by the Screens and Monitors that are used as an additional tool to teach.

With the advancement in the technology it is evident that it’s also going to impact the educational sector to a greater extent. We already have started seeing the advancements in the field of education. There are however a few more changes that we can see in the coming years:-

· AR/VR:- The AR/VR technologies can really be the breakthrough technologies that can change the entire experience of education. Students can visit any place in the World through the monitors, and can see every minute details.

· Personalized learning’s:- Every student can learn differently through personalized learning solutions, the technology can really be a bridge on how the Special Needs Children can learn. This can also be helpful in making the Education open for all.

· IOT:- Internet of Things can also change the way the information reaches the end user. IOT is believed to be most beneficial to the parents as they can monitor the performance of their children on a real time basis, they can even get the progress report on a weekly basis (something that the future students need to fear). Overall it will improve the communication between a teacher and a parents.

Writer: Dipesh Sharma.

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