Imagine: One day you wake up in the Middle of an Ocean, you have nothing but a small Wooden Board in which you are floating and to add up to the horror there are many Sharks around the Board and they are desperate to eat you up. You can’t us anything but to use your Mind to get out of that situation, WHAT WILL YOU DO?

The world today is changing at a much rapid pace than it’s ever thought, new technologies are coming in and older ones are becoming obsolete. So is with the Situations in and around the economies, noting can be predicted at a shorter span and it requires a smarter brain to understand and take decisions based on the situations. In the early 2018’s there was a Word that gained a lot of popularity i.e., VUCA( and it’s not a word for a Vegetable B.T.W. , although a Similar name exists for a vegetable i.e., YUCCA ). VUCA is an acronym for Volatility , Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity, it’s basically tells us that nothing can be predicted and proper plan can be made to overcome the problems, and suggests that a more flexible and emphatic approach needs to be adopted to solve any Problem.

Education as a sector is changing and so is changing is the way how to teach, Smart Boards are taking over the older boards and one can attend any class from any college of liking , thanks to the concept of Digital Classrooms. And there are still many of the changes that are going to come in the near future. All of this may lead to changing the way the education is being given to the education. So to overcome such problems the teachers need to have necessary knowledge and skillets and they must also have a better understanding of Crises Management etc. to cope up with the Uncertainty.

Writer : Dipesh Sharma

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