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At MIT-WPU, we heartily welcome you for the very first time in the history of MIT_WPU, to the thrilling inauguration and launch of the book club. This club is a result of months, hard work on building ideas and concepts with the joint effort of our MBA second-year student and our highly experienced faculty member. We are delighted to introduce you to our concept and goal behind building up the book club.  In this era of the digital world, we are living through an educational revolution, where the pace of change is staggering, schools, regions, entire countries are turning education on its head. But in this VUCA world, to succeed one needs constant change and up-gradation, redefining the experiences of students and teachers. In a world with so much knowledge, it's hard to grasp whereas students they truly are the children of this global world. Through book club, we want to open a window of opportunity for their high grasping and creative minds so that they can create something from the theories which is not only out of the box, but also impart a practical exposure with outperforming in this window of opportunities. In today’s world, there is a need for one who thinks creatively and who dares to change the world. Learning can be fun if we want to gain some information on our favorite topic. So everyone please join us and be a part of this oncoming beautiful journey to take education at a whole new level by designing many events and participating in the same. This is the place where you can excel by your own capabilities, build network and share opinions. LET EDUCATION RESHAPE YOUR LIFE.




Dr. Ajay Nagre


Vice President

Ankita Kumari



Srija Das


Social Media Head

Aakanksha Patel


Design and media head

Ananya Ghosh


Discipline Head

Shreya Patil


Sponsorship Head

Purva Lakhwani


Co-ordination Head

Sanjay Khubchandani

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An Escape to Eternal Wonderland

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